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Meeting Hall
Abry Mauffet [Aw•bree Mah•fet]: Lead Driver and Darfinel’s second on the merchant train.

Ahnon Dai’Atohr [Ah•nohn Day ‘Uh•tore]: Sworn guardian to Therin McKarrin, master swordsman. Little is known about him although Therin has been with him many years.

Akasha Zaridi [A•kah•shah Zar•i•die]: High wizard of Caer Shamal and Therin McKarrin’s Lord.

Alora [A•lowr•a]: Innkeeper in Taristill.

Altory [Al•tory]: Leader of the White Shade Warriors.

Augustus Horhan [u•gust•us Hohr•han]: One ofDarfinel’s drivers. He drove for her father before his death, and stayed with Darfinel when she chose to continue her father’s business.

Baldorin [Ball•door•in]: A nar lord brought in by the eldest of the Morigdune wizards. He has his own agenda, which is far different from what Lyre thinks it is, part of which includes selling Raithe to the Underworld being, Hadar.

Berrain Draivle [Buhr•rain Dray•vl]: Guard hired on during the trip, turned out to be a spy for Raithe and was killed by Farris at Raylea.

Borrin Suran: Cohl’s step father.

Cohl Suran [Cole Sir•an]: Young boy that joins Therin’s company in Taristill.

Cohlinar [Cole•in•are]: Leader of the Shakari people during their flight from the armies of Tha’Davia.

Danarius Swan [Dan•air•ee•us Swan]: Knight and guard to Prince Talrissen Vhasallan.

Darfinel of Ladasia [Dar•fin•l of La•day•see•uh]: Merchant with a well established reputation, but finds being a merchant no longer suits her.

Dorlan Jace [Door•lan Jace]: Warrior that rode with Therin’s company until he is killed during the first dune dog attack.

Erin Dorgothal [Erin Door•goth•all]: Crazy boot maker in Taristill.

Farris Aoibhinn [Fair•is A•oy•bhin]: Sworn warrior to Therin McKarrin.

Fharik of the Sixleg Clan [Far•ick]: Sadaar warrior that travels with Therin’s company.

Gareth of the Gardari Clan [Gare•eth]: Son of the Vas Khan, and one of Therin’s Company.

Hadar [Ha•dar]: Lower lord in the Underworld that sent the nar wizard Baldorin to trap Raithe to him.

Khan Tarshak [con tar•shack]: Leader of the Tarshak Clan in the Sadaar grasslands
Khy Dun [Ki]: Youngest brother of the Morigdune Lords.

Kline Torgen [Kline Tor•gen]: Guard that rides with Therin’s company.

Kyn Dallar [Kin Dal•lahr]: One of Therin McKarrin’s sworn warriors. He is wounded early in the story and is sent to deliver messages.

Lyre Dune [Leer Dune]: Eldest brother of the Morigdune Lords and weaves light magic; in the First Voice he would be called a Far’rhamdi.

Morillana [Moor•ill•annuh]: Mother of the three Lords of Morigdune, over 300 years past. Few know the story of how she came to build a country out of the high sands and raise three sons who were wizards that later came to hate all other people of Tha’Davia.

Oldren Kreshnell [Old•rhen Kresh•nell]: Dyved’s owner before he was given to Darfinel to ride.

Raithe Dune [Rayth Dune]: Second eldest brother of Morigdune. Raithe weaves dark magic, and would be called a “dar’rhamdi” in the first voice. Raithe also posses talents from the Underworld, though he does not know it.

Rathkar [wrath•car]: Son of Khan Tarshak of the Tarshak Clan of Sadaar.

Sam Underson: Taristill blacksmith.

Sha’Ann [Shu•Ann]: Cohl’s mother, and once lover to Khy Dune.

Talrissen Vhasallan [Tal•riss•en Vahz•all•an]: Prince Heir to the land of Trallidar. A kin of wolves with the ability to understand them telepathically, and sometimes to even see what they see. He is not a shapeshifter, he cannot become a wolf.

Terrel [Tear•all]:King of Falinkhon.

Therin McKarrin [Thayr•in Mc•care•in]: A war wizard sworn to the High Lord of Caer Shamal, and seasoned by many years of setting events so that prophecies play out for the benefit of the natural balance.

Traysa McTavish [Tray•su Mc•tav•ish]: Wizard of Caer Shamal that visits Therin at the Sadaar camp.

Vhas Khan Garethdrin [Vhaz Con Gar•eth•drin]: Great leader of the all the clans of Sadaar, as well as the khan of the Gardari Clan.
Warder Born Characters
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