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Anadahl [Ann•aw•d?hl]: Country that borders Morigdune to the east. Anadahl has the only known pass into Morigdune: Shaden’s Deep.

Aringale [Air•in•gail]: A crossroads city in the country of Falinkhon, one of the three largest in that country.

Armondor [arm•m?m•door]: A country across the sea from Darfinel’s homeland.

Blade Sister: A fellow warrior that is female.

Caer Shamal [Care Sham•all]: Origin of Therin McKarrin and his sworn riders.

Chokho [choh•khoh]: Root used to treat the infection caused by dune dogs

dar’nocdi [dar•noc•die]: From the First Voice translated to “dark evil wizard”.

dar’rhamdi [dar•ram•die]: From the First Voice translated to “free dark wizard”.

Dune dogs: Once wolves, these creatures were altered with nar magic to become a whole new species of ferocious dogs that obey the will of their master. They are quite tall, about 7-8 hands at the wither. Dune dogs are tan colored with a dark stripe down their backs much like the desert wolves, though dune dogs have a ridge of hair that stands stiffly up from the top of their heads to the end of their long tails.

Dune Wars: A war fought a hundred years before the current events of Therin entering Tha’Davia. Depending on the resource of information, it was either started by the Brothers of Morigdune, or by the country of Trallidor. The war ended with the countries of Tha’Davia defeating Morigdune, then turning on their own wizards.

Dyved [Die•ved]: Darfinel’s war horse after the battle with the kelartra.

Falin Mountains [Fal•in]: Range of mountains that divide Falinkhon from Morigdune.

far’rhamdi [far•ram•die]: From the First Voice, translated to “free light wizard”.

First Voice: Language spoken by the High Divines, and later taught to the people

Flame walker: Someone that can reach through with magic into a flame and see from and funnel weaves through another flame. A wizard with this talent could look into his hearth fires to see and attack through someone’s camp fire.

Gardari Clan [Gar•dar•ee]: Largest clan on the Sadaar grasslands, and home to the Vas Khan

Hand: Measurement: 1 hand = 4 inches

Kelartra [kel•are•tra]: Creatures of the Falin Mountains, they move upright and stand approximately 7 feet. They have dagger like claws on their hands, and use them as weapons.

Khan [con]: Leaders of the clans in Sadaar.

killing cold: Hypothermia

Kimindahr [kim•in•dahr]: Ancient city from the time of the Dune Wars now in ruins.

Krethor Islands [Kre•thor]: Islands where Darfinel’s mother is from.

Kroll: Large, furred creature that is often in the Nar armies. They have humanoid qualities in that they carry weapons, wear some armor and clothing, and they do have a language, though it is difficult for a human to speak.

Morigdune [Moor•ig•dune]: Originally called Mori’s Dune, and later translated or changed to its current title. It is a high mountain desert country that is known to be the home of the Lords of Morigdune, three wizards that are outlawed in every land of Tha’Davia.

Naradoc [nahr•uh•dock]: The First Voice - heart of evil.

Nar’idi [nahr•i•die]: The First Voice - evil wizard.

Pass of Souls: Where it is told that the last of the Shakari people died in an avalanche while running from the combined armies of Tha’Davia after the defeat of Morigdune.

Path: A magical opening made by wizards from one place to another. It can be from one place to another in the same world or to another world entirely. The wizard making the path must have a picture in their mind, as detailed as possible, of the place they are going. This is not a common skill among all wizards; and the difficulty for the wizard also is based on size of the path and the distance from where the wizard is currently standing. For instance, a path from one room to another and just big enough for a person is simple for one with the talent. However, making a larger path to move an army from one world to another would be extremely difficult.

Redbridge: Town along the North Road of the Rhiondale River.

Rhiondale River [rhee•on•dale river]: Large river that runs from the Falin Mountains through Falinkhon and Thadnara, emptying out into the sea at Marinfarn. This river is a large trading route from barges and ships as well as the North Road that runs beside it all the way to Lorinelle.

Rushwater: Small town along the Rhiondale River, this is where ships and barges must stop, as the river becomes too rough beyond here. They have been seeing odd weather this year.

Sadaar Grasslands [Su•dar Grasslands]: Land of open grasses that reaches to the Falin mountains and is land locked by Falinkhon, Zenphinin, and Trallidar. Sadaar is home of nomadic people that live in clans. They do not believe that magic is evil, and there are those among the clans that can weave elements.

Shaden’s Deep [Shay•dun’s Deep]: The only known pass from Morigdune to the other countries of Tha’Davia. It is located in Western Anadahl, and is the strongest location of the White Shade Warrior Society.

Shadow Men - also known as the soulless: They are what come out of a Well of Souls, shadows of those that went in, and return without their full bodies or souls with only the lust for killing left in them. A transparency of their former selves sent to hunt for the Underworld.

Shakari [Shu•car•ee]: Wizard warriors that fought against Morigdune in the Dune War, and before that protected the countries that bordered the mountains against Morigdune. They were said to be descendants of the three brothers of Morigdune, which is at this time an unproven fact.

Taristill [Tar•i•still]: Mining settlement originally known as Tari’s Still, later changing to its current name after becoming an actual village located along a seldom used trade route through the Falin Mountains.

Tha’Davia [Thu•Day•vee•u]: The world that Darfinel was born and grown in without ever knowing that ‘the world’ actually had a name, and that there were more out there.

Thadnara [Thad•nar•u]: Coastal land where the Rhiondale empties into the ocean. The country of Thadnara has a large distinction between those with wealth, and those without.

The Frozen People: A jumble of large rock spires in the mountains that jut into the sky some forty to sixty feet high. They lay along a ridge, and from a distance look like people standing frozen against the mountain sky. It is the resting place of many wizards fleeing the armies after the War of Dune.

Toranullar [tor•an•u•lar]: A magical device used to control a wizard's ability to weave. Generally the device is a collar and bracelet with no obvious link between the two. It was originally designed to aid in the training of young wizards, but those of an evil heart have taken it to control wizards instead.

Trallidar [Tral• i•dar]: A country in the world of Tha’Davia.

Trayen un tharish [Tray•en oon thar•ish]: Forest of Death in the First Voice.

Vhas Shaman [vhaz sha•man]: “Great spiritual leader” in the First Voice.

Vergarda [ver•gar•du]: Dog-like animals that live within the Falin Mountains and prey on sheep and other creatures.

Vhas Khan [Vhaz Con]: “Great leader” in the First Voice.

Warder [war•der]: An ancient line of people that were bred for centuries to be great warriors. The line still runs strong through some people across the worlds. They develop the skills of a warrior faster, can hear and see farther, and live longer, than those without the blood. Many of them feel the need to protect and serve, and often become strong military leaders or take the oath and become sworn to a wizard.

Weaves - A wizard's power lies within the five elements of all worlds - earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. When they put these elements together in a certain form they“weave” them to perform certain actions.

Zenphinin [Zen•fin•in]: A country within the world of Tha’Davia.