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Warder Born
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Warder Born, By LJ Jones
ISBN: 978-1-46857-598-9 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-46857-598-6 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-46857-598-2 (e)

Published April 2, 2012
632 pages
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Seasoned warrior and wizard, Therin McKarrin rides into the world of Tha'Davia to pull the strings of prophecy. To save the life of a man that has not yet been born; to find the woman that must live to fight beside him but is already grown; to protect the flame of a land so that it may be overthrown. To do this he must stop the opening of the Well of Souls, a gate to the Underworld that could be the destruction of a prophecy that must unfold.
In his effort to find who and what he must, he takes cover as a merchants guard. A twist of destiny has him meet Lady Darfinel of Ladasia, a strong-willed merchant that plans a trip in the direction Therin needs to go. Darfinel, stubborn and defiant, becomes an unlikely asset to join forces with Therin, but he comes to believe she is part of the prophecies. As she travels with the wizard and his company of warriors, Darfinel begins to feel the need to be something more than just a merchant. Her abilities as a warrior surfaces in this time of growing darkness, and through the wizard, Darfinel learns she was born with the blood of an ancient line of warriors. She was meant to be a warrior, not a merchant.
They must negotiate the complications of a world that does not allow magic, and wizards are hunted for bounty. The world stirs with evil as the feared Lords of Morigdune join with a strange power. New, monstrous creatures as well as old myths walk the land, leaving death to mark their paths. Fighting both witch hunters and the wizard Lords of Morigdune, Therin learns the Well of Souls is already open. Now they must find a way to close it before the webs of prophecy are wiped away.
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