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Warder Born is the first in a series of books chronicling the Prophecies of the Hawk and spanning many centuries and worlds. LJ's rich imagination and storytelling have entertained her family and friends for years. Many of us have lived the stories of The Hawk with her and have anxiously awaited the new prophecies and great characters she creates. Her worlds are full of magic and adventure that you are sure to become entranced with.
 Tower Torn
Warder Born
It is a time of great events. The mood is quickening towards a war that shall flood the lands across the heavens and stars. All lands that are good and stand against evil, Nar will shadow the strongest light.

Across the ages, what was will be again. One that leads the light; one that drives the dark.

The path is layed by the pen of prophets: clues, hints, signs of events that can and must happen for success. Paths followed by those of the light; paths followed by those of the dark.

If all paths are taken by the dark or light, the war can be victorious to one or none, or even - under unlikely perfection - war can be lost and over before it has begun.

The future cannot be written when paths are not yet followed. Choices not yet made.