Stories of the past, for the future.
About the Author
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LJ Jones brings you passion, imagination, and the thrill and experiences of a lifetime of adventures to echo in the minds of her readers. Growing up in Wyoming on the back of a horse, she has the knowledge of over 30 years of real world horsemanship both as a professional competitor and as a backcountry rider. She has a background in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Agent that worked with an anti-terrorist/counter-espionage team in Germany during the Cold War of the late 80’s and early 90’s. After an honorable discharge from the Army she became a wildland firefighter in an initial attack crew with the US Forest Service, fighting forest fires all over the western US. Adding to her skills, she began running sled dogs, enduring the -40°F temperatures that go with exploring the Canadian Cascades on the runners of a dog sled.

She believes that experience brings realism and understanding, and enjoys practicing the sword on foot and horse, using the longbow, and shooting competitive rifle.

Telling stories is part of her, and her ability has only gained aspect and realism with the wisdom that time brings.
"To save the life of a man that has not yet been born;
To find the woman that must live to fight beside him but is already grown;
To protect the flame of a land so that it may be overthrown."

"I have always enjoyed the idea of prophecy: the Gods' hints to what may unfold in the future and what must happen in order for that future to exist. It gives voice to the higher forces; what must take place in order for life as we know it to continue. With the use of prophecy, I can give you clues and events that must happen in order for the balance to hold, or what it would take for that balance to fold. Small clues to the mystery of why we must complete the quest, or die trying.

In Warder Born, I introduce you to prophecies that Therin McKarrin has been told, though like most prophecies, he does not understand them in full, and therefore must search for their meanings. The people, and sometimes creatures, that are spoken about must be found with careful searching - or in Darfinel’s case, stumbling upon.

The story follows a small company of warriors that sweep up with or clash with those that are foretold in one prophecy or another, but all will be important concerning the role of maintaining the balance, and blocking evil out of the web. Therin must keep alive and even teach some of the important targets, while others he is ordered to kill, no matter their standing in the balance of life, or outside of it."
LJ Jones